I was Born in 1987 in Kaunas, second biggest city of Lithuania.

From young days I was curious about electronic devices and what is inside of them. Once in a while my parents were yelling at me for taking apart their radios, tape recorders and all other things that were easily accessible for me and some sets of screwdrivers :) When I was 12 I started going to an electronics classes for youngsters. There I learned some basics of electronics, so I could go further with it. Most of my free time was spent either for building some interesting electronic thing, playing football or doing some acrobatic pull-ups and simple tricks on the bar. When I was 16 I bought my first microcontroller, build programmer for it and started playing with it. Every day I was trying to interface all the digital things I could see around me - alphanumeric displays, old PS/2 keyboard, various memory ICs, etc.. I was repairing friends audio/video equipment to have some money for my experiments with microcontrollers.

When I was 18, I finished VDU Kauno "Rasos" high school. Surprisingly I got my best results in english exam, which was 92%. Being not cleaver enough I decided I want to go to work right after high school in stead of going to university. I tried working in construction site, building a big concrete wall with two collegues. I found this was not for me and quit. Around that time I got my first order for designing a controller for water heater. Then I realized that it is possible to do things you really love and even get paid for it! Sadly, I did not get any other orders quickly, so decided to continue repairing devices to maintain my income. I found job advertisement for car electronics repairer. I went for an interview and got in for evaluation period. After working there for a couple of weeks I made a very good decision - I decided to go to university. It was a middle of summer, so I managed to get in to Kaunas University of Technology. This meant I could not work in this company full-time anymore, so I had to quit.

Still waiting for studies to start I put advertisement to some web pages and got some repairment jobs time to time. One day I had a part time job offer in a company which was fixing all sorts of electric equipment in big quantities. I took it. There I was mostly repairing audio/video equipment, such as DVD, MP3 players, some TV sets and car radios. First it was a little bit hard to adjust to the collective, but after couple of weeks I started loving to work with my collegues. Although I knew I am not using all my potential in this job, I was happy working there. This job was keeping me busy , giving me some income and was not taking too much time, so I could study at university.

After my first semester of studies in university was over, I was offered a job I was always dreaming about - a freelancer job, where I could do engineering and programing microcontrollers. At university I was working with two big projects - one for construction, the other for medical industries. I was mainly responsible for writing a low-level firmware to microcontrollers and doing some changes in schematic. I was participating in a local universities student work exhibition KTU Technorama a couple of times. One year me and other student collegue received the most innovative job award and won the prize. Also, I wrote two publications to international students conference Telecomunications and Electronics, held by my university. Sadly, the financial crisis hit our economy and we did not have any orders at university.

Just about that time one person I met couple of years ago asked if I could make a graphic user interface for an electric car. I did not know too much about electric cars at that time, so this offer was very interesting. I said yes, got a development board and started writing software to it. I learned a lot of things working with this device. It was the first time I was writing a software for embedded linux. I wrote a program using Qt library, which was a new thing for me as well. After making this device I was asked to work on battery management system and got involved in electric vehicles. After working for more than two years in university in 2010 I started working with electric cars in a private company, where I am still working at the moment.